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LDH & PB assay

Lactose Dehydrogenase (LDH) and PrestoBlue (PB) assay are biochemical assays to assess the cytotoxicity and viability of the cells in cell culture experiment respectively

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Genotyping is a method for the detection of the existence of various target genes (e.g. rd1, rd10, 5xFAD...) and their homozygosity in the sample (Large-scale batch processing).

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H&E staining

H&E staining is a staining methodology providing the visualization and differentiation of nucleus and cytoplasm of the cells in the tissue. It can thereby provide the visualization of the holistic structure and morphology of the tissue of interest.

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Water Maze

The classical Marris Water Maze experiment.

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Novel Object Recognition

The classical Novel Object Recognition.

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Open field

The classical Open Field experiment.

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